Sierra 9mm load data

Sierra V-Crown 90 gr. 9mm JHP Pistol Bullets, 100 Count $33.99 $0.34/Bullet Nosler 43258 Custom Competition 9mm .355 147 GR Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP) 250 $79.99 (Save $6.00) $73.99 $0.30/Bullet Due to increased demand, our estimated shipping time is 15-20 days. Thank you for your patience. We’re proud to introduce the Arm or Ally 9mm 115gr RN bullets. Manufactured in the United States, from only the best raw materials, the Arm or Ally 9mm 115gr is a high performance, swaged lead core, copper plated bullet which has been re-struck as a final step to ensure a highly consistent and uniform 0.355 diameter bullet. In following this thread, I noticed that you guys are talking about a Sierra 115 grain Jacketed Hollow POINT. My Sierra Number 1 manual talks about a 115 grain Jacketed Hollow CAVITY. I remember from when I used to load .357 back in the day that the Sierra bullets had a truncated cone profile as opposed to a secant ogive with the hollow point ... 15 hours ago · Cheap 9mm Ammo Walmart Walmart Inventory Checker. 00 – $ 102. Among the line of Sierra Tournament Master Handgun Bullets is a long list of options, including 9mm. 4295 diameter 220 and 250 grain; and . 429" 250 gr FPJ-MATCH 100/ct. 90 after a mail-in-rebate. The 9MM ammo is the most used ammo in United States and other countries. American Eagle Syntech 9mm 115 gr. AE9SJ1 $ 12.99 Federal American Eagle Handgun 9mm Luger FMJ 124 Gr. $ 13.99 Glock 43X Black 9mm $ 549.99 Hornady 9MM 124Grain JHP/XTP Hornady Reloading Bullets DGX 500 Caliber .505 525 Grain Dangerous Game Expanding 50 Per Box [5050] View Out Hornady Reloading Bullets ELD 338 Caliber .338 285 Grain ELD-Match 50 Per Box [33381] I currently loaded 10 test loads of 9MM in UMC cases, CCI 500 primers with a UMC 9mm FMJ. I have the OAL set to 1.030-1.035 at 4.3-4.4gr from me Lee Pro Auto-Disk. These look like they will feel similar to my Barnes 115 +P TAC-XPD...We carry a wide supply of reloading components for the reloader. Including but not limited to lead bullets, plated bullets, jacketed bullets, once fired pistol brass, once fired rifle brass, and lead shot. Brands available are Sierra Bullets, Western Munitions and Campro Bullets. Apr 08, 2016 · The 30-30 with the Sierra 125 grain bullet works well with H-322. The 7.62 X 39 uses 322 to good effect. Like the others there are other good powders with similar characteristics that I use. Sierra Bullets, V-Crown, 9MM, 124Gr, .355 Diameter, Jacketed Hollow Point, 100 Round Box. Warning Jun 04, 2011 · [RETRO] .223 and 6mm-223 Load Data for Long-Range Handguns Historical [RETRO] .223 and 6mm-223 Load Data for Long-Range Handguns Bob Milek - September 16, 2019. From the "Guns & Ammo" April 1982 issue: The .223 Remington, a NATO cartridge, and the 6mm-223... Sierra MatchKing Reloading Bullet -For years shooters have associated accuracy and superior ballistic performance with one name more than any other--Sierra. On the range or in the field, Sierra bullets offer that extra margin of performance that shooters can depend on. Reloading 2515 ... alliant berger bullets brass guys cci hornady lee mec nosler rcbs safeside tactical sierra ... 9x21mm 30 Luger 30 Luger/30 Mauser/7.62 Tokarev/9mm ... Sierra Bullets has partnered with SIG Sauer to bring you the ultimate defense bullet line delivering optimal weight retention and expansion at all effective distances combined with Sierra’s world renowned accuracy. The line features a stacked hollow point bullet design with additional hollow point cavity. Jul 19, 2016 · Reloading the 9mm Luger is an easy process, but there are a few useful techniques for getting the most out of your 9mm loads. In the gun world, debates rage on for decades, and some are pushing a century. Undoubtedly, these debates aren’t going anywhere soon, but some get especially heated. The printed version has had a range of obscure and less popular data removed but it still includes a vast array of the more popular cartridges, as well as a range of new load data, including for APS350 and APS450. Sierra Bullets. Sierra Bullets has been producing some of the most accurate bullets in the world since 1947. Midsouth Shooters has been proud to offer a full selection of Sierra reloading bullets for over 30 years. We now carry every bullet that they offer for resale. If you find one that we don't carry, tell us, we'll add it. 9mm P Load Data Sierra are the Bulletsmiths! ... Lee Loader is a complete reloading system. Speer 45 Auto 185gr TMJ FN (100 box) #4476 ... Speer TMJ Plinker 9mm 115gr 3995. Hornady ...
· With no other info, and being new to reloading, I'd recommend Win 231/Hp38 as a good 9mm first powder to learn to reload. It's very easy to measure and gives a good "load range" to start with. It's very easy to measure and gives a good "load range" to start with.

Sierra 9mm Bullet Load Data. September 6th, 2013 14:00:15 PM . Volume 10 Number 1 Load data should be adjusted because of seating depth and ... Both were shooting the ...

Dec 27, 2017 · Well, there is not much extensive data for reloading either, but Sierra Bullets is trying to help change that. They recently published updated and expanded data for the .300 AAC Blackout caliber getting into more subsonic and heavier grain weight data; two areas that are typically lacking for information.

Download Now. SaveSave Sierra .300 Whisper Loading Data For Later. This allows an M16/AR-15 rifle to be switched from .223/5.56mm to .300 Whisper and back again by removing two take-down pins, and replacing the upper receiver assembly.

Personal Loads Cal,Pow Gr,Pow Mfr,Pow Type,Bullet gr,Bullet Mfr,Bullet Type,OAL,Notes .223 Rem,26,Hodgdon,Varget,55,Hornady,Soft Point,2.200'',Cycled 20" & 16" AR w ...

Sierra Bullets for reloading, including Sierra Match King bullets, Sierra BlitzKing bullets, Sierra Varminter bullets, Sierra Pro-Hunter bullets, Sierra GameKing bullets, Sierra Sports Master bullets, and Sierra Tournament Master bullets.

100 9mm 115 gr bullets 100 primers 100 brass 100 9mm 115 gr bullets 100 primers 100 brass. Private Party Meridian $45: RCBS and other Reloading Tools RCBS 44-40 Sizer and Expander dies (no seating die.) $15 Classic Lee Loader 45-70 (New Old Stock, unused.) $25 RCBS Case lube pad - $4 Primer... Private Party Boise $0

Reloading Components Menu Toggle. ... Arm or Ally can supply you with the best projectiles from Nosler, Hornady, Berry’s, and Sierra. ... Berry’s 9mm 115gr RN

Many shooters will rely upon heavier rounds for self-defense as the 9mm cartridge is commonly available with 124 grain and 147 grain bullets as well. With those heavier bullets, you can expect to deliver muzzle energy in the neighborhood of 600 joules or 450 foot-pounds, a very respectable level for a pistol round. Reloading Bullets. These are new bullets (reloading projectiles) or Bullet Tips, none have been pulled or reused.They are bullet components, not ready to fire ammunition.. Commonly called bullet tips or projectile tips, and are just one component of what is needed for reloading bullets (ammuniti I am loading to Lyman's 49th data. loading Xtreme 115 Gr plated, I have done my string from 3.5 gr, 3.7 gr, and 3.8 gr with a col of 1.075 So my real question is, if you use Red Dot with 9MM, and plated bullets what do you load them to (powder weight, and OAL)? Sierra 90 grain JHP - 5.4 grains - Avg.